What locations do you offer Asset Management to?

Any property, be it commercial or residential within the Perth Metro region.

Who conducts the inspections on my property?

Your property manager will conduct all inspections, including the initial appraisal of your rental property, all Property Condition Reports, a 6 week follow-up inspection and 3 month inspection each financial quarter.

Will a property manager attend all home opens?

Yes. Your property manager will accompany all prospective tenants, whether it’s a weekend home open or an after-hours viewing.

Where is the bond held when under management?

All bonds made by the tenant are placed with the Bond Administrator. Both the property manager and the tenant sign the bond into the specified account and both also sign the bond out of the nominated account.

When will I receive my rental income?

We will at the end of each month pay all monies held, unless instructed otherwise, into a direct debit nominated bank account. If a cheque is more appealing we will do this also. All debits and credits for the month ending are outlined in a statement and issued to the owner.

What if the tenant damages my property?

As per their lease agreement, the tenant must respect and look after the property. On inspection if the tenant has been seen to have not maintained the property we will enforce a letter outlining the damages and concerns which the property manager has found. A formal notice will be given to the tenant to rectify the problem and a further inspection will be performed to ensure all necessary requirements in returning the property to its previous state have been met.

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