Without a doubt Documentary Services is one of the most experienced settlement agents we know. Being the first settlement agency to open its doors in Perth in the early 1970's, we recommend the use of their services for an experienced and comfortable settlement process.

Documentary Services Pty Ltd was established in 1967 and is owned by proprietors Trevor McKenna and Stuart Ledwith. Trevor has been with the company since 1978 and Stuart since 1976.

Today Documentary Services prides itself as being an independent Real Estate Settlement Agent that is Western Australian owned and operated. They are capable of doing all types of real estate settlements including residential, strata, vacant land, commercial and farming.

Documentary Services

Contact: Trevor McKenna or Stuart Ledwith
P: (08) 9470 4355
F: (08) 9470 4388
A: 2/63 Shepperton Road, Victoria Park, WA 6100


The most important ingredient to a successful purchase is finance - we recommend the use of the below services. All with proven track records and a great response rate, you will be treated with the same level of professionalism as WEBB Property.

Mortgage Link

Contact: Simon Hopkins
P: 0433 240 456

Westminster National

Contact: Tim Chapman
P: 08 6142 6899 or 0409 922 668
First Floor, 1 Alvan Street, Subiaco WA 6008


When buying a property you will need to obtain a building report, we recommend the services of Houspect. Having an Australia wide background for building inspections via licensed staff and professional indemnity insurance, you will obtain the most thorough report when dealing with their company.


Contact: Chris Walsh
P: (08) 9228 3999
A: Suite 2, 256 Fitzgerald Street, Perth WA 6000

Conway Services (electrician)

We recommend Conway Services, known for their attention to detail, reliable and punctual services and great rates- we wouldn't refer anybody else.
Contact: Leigh Conway
P: 0438 911 103


As we all know, when buying a property there are charges in taxation which need to be paid. Stamp duty is payable at settlement via your settlement agent.

Please use the calculator below to acquire the estimated fees related to your buying figure.

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